Suture Care Instructions

The following instructions have been prepared for you in the event that your tape/dressing falls off on its own, OR if you have been instructed to begin wound care immediately following your surgery.

*You may apply ice to the area around the wound to decrease swelling and/or bruising. Most patients find that it is more comfortable to use frozen peas/ice to the surrounding skin as opposed to applying directly to the wound. Remember to use a cloth or gauze barrier between the ice and your skin to avoid skin damage. Head elevation (above heart level) is helpful in reducing the risk of post procedure swelling. Resting in a recliner or 2- 3 pillows behind your head/neck and back will accomplish this task.

Swelling that occurs rapidly and causes stretching of the skin or bleeding through the suture line may represent a hematoma. This should not be ignored, especially is your take aspirin or other blood thinners. An untreated hematoma can complicate your wound healing and/or lead to infection. Call the office immediately if you experience these symptoms during business hours. Should these changes be noted after hours, head to the local emergency department and inform them of your surgery date and your surgeon so that Dr. Brace can be contacted.

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