Suture Line Care

Cleanse the suture line 3 times daily with Hydrogen Peroxide, diluted with water (50/50 mixture) or mild soap and water. The best result will be achieved if you take extra care in removing any and all scabs between stitches by placing a 4 X 4 or cotton swab soaked in the Hydrogen Peroxide mix directly on the scab for a few minutes. The scab should be loose enough to remove at this point without causing harm.

After you have cleansed the lines you must follow with Bacitracin or Polysporin 3 times daily. Some patients have been directed to us Aquaphor/Vaseline instead of antibiotic ointment- Dr. Brace will direct you. If you notice additional redness or swelling after applying the antibiotic ointment, please call our office for further instruction.

You should start your cleanings the evening after surgery. You may shower/bathe normally, being careful not to let the shower spray your wound directly until it is not so sore.

If you should have any questions, or experience unusual pain, bleeding or fever, please do not hesitate to call our office immediately.

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